Company Profile

Win Win Net Corporation Co., Ltd. has been established in 1997 by experienced board committees and a highly skilled network telecommunication team. With support from our strategic alliances and specialised consultant team, Win Win Net Corporation Co., Ltd. seeks the latest advanced telecommunication technology to optimise our services for our customers to the fullest.

With the company experiences and the commitment in developing advanced telecommunications technology, Win Win Net Corporation Co., Ltd. is determined to invest in a large scale 100% fibre optic network across the country to become in the future the most cutting-edge network operator of Thailand.



Current Project Status
2014 : granted telecomminications license permit number 3ก/57/005.
2015 : construction of fibre optic network infrastructure in Bangkok and other provinces.
       : recruiting protential S.B.O investors within coverage area.
2016 : service launch in Bangkok and other provinces.


Company Reliability

Win Win Net Corporation’s development policy is to seek new and innovative technologies to solve the current state of the network in Thailand.

Win Win Net Corporation is proud to offer the newest telecommunication network, based on fibre optic and GPON technology, to solve and support the future growth of Internet usage.


Business Philosophy

Win Win Net Corporation has a well-structured business philosophy. The group selectively invests in the businesses, which respond to and contribute to social needs.

By taking the market proposition and customer satisfaction into account, the 3-dimentional product and service strategy is implemented :
1) Innovative – we offer the innovative advanced and proven products & services
2) Differentiate – we offer better incomparable products backing by excellent services.
3) Accessible – we offer the products & services that could be accessed from anywhere, at anytime and by anyone.


Business Partner

TOT Public Company Limited, Thailand
CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Thailand
ZTE, China
WistSoft, Taiwan
Leshi Internet Information & Technology (LeTV), China
ITSimplicity, Netherlands
China Machinery Engineering Corporation, China
Huawei Technologies, China
One Solution Trading Ltd., Hong Kong
Yang Hwa Technology Corporation, Taiwan
GCOM Technologies, China
Tongding Interconnection Information, China
Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions, USA
Fuyuan Business, China
China-East Resources Import And Export Company, China

Service Accessibility

With our network capabilities and new technologies, all customers can use internet with top speed like never before. All access to social networks and virtual office will be possible and easier.

Our fiber optic (FTTx) Internet service will help all customers to connect together at high speed.

Planed Service Coverage Map

Win Win Shop is the new fashioned telecommunication shop and service center located near your home. We provide both IT and Internet services to meet all customers’ demands for digital lifestyle. With more experience, Win Win Shop will grow successful as other higher scaled businesses.

Win Win Shop is the new fashioned telecommunication shop and service center. We provide both IT and Internet services to meet all customers’ demands for digital lifestyle

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